How Nymbl are you? (Technology Assisted Exercise Programme)

How Nymbl are you?


Recently I have been researching chronic ankle instability ( stable ankles and falling)

This is quite a common problem and a serious issue which can become more of a problem with advancing age.


Inverted Arthritic Ankles
Inverted Arthritic Ankles

As the ankle changes with wear and tear( osteoarthritis) will often deviate into a more inverted position compromising stability even further.

We will often to orthotic support and shoes modifications to enhance the structural and anatomical stability of foot.

Shoe 1
Shoe 2
Shoe 3
Shoe 4

One of the often overlooked aspects of Ankle Instability can be proprioception and the importance it has in balance. Research indicates that only 10% of inversion have proprioception addressed as part of the issue.

This is concerning as ankle joint proprioception has a large impact (input 54%) on postural stability forward sway and side to side sway.

This fact has not gone unnoticed by New Zealand's largest medical insurer ACC.

Part of the recent initiative to help combat and improve proprioceptive and functional balance is the launching of an app called Nymbl

It is an initiative to help increase proprioception and functional stability with a view to reducing the risk of falls.

Falls Injuries are one of the biggest injury groups for ACC.

Only 1 in 400 people engage in balance training classes


Check it out and see what exercises interested the major benefit from this App.


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