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At Waikato Podiatry we’re big on feet. We are fascinated by their complexity and the many ways they can trip us up (figuratively not literally!) or slow us down. When you visit us you’ll enjoy our relaxed but professional clinic environment, the interest we take in understanding what your feet need to do for you, and our skill in achieving goals.
Since 2000 Andrew Jones has been keeping elite athletes performing at their best as well as solving many difficult health-related foot problems and injuries. Now the clinic’s top team of podiatrists work throughout the Waikato, so there is a Waikato Podiatry Clinic near you.

Waikato Podiatry Team

Meet your team

Waikato Podiatry has eight talented podiatrists:

Andrew Jones – The go-to podiatrist for elite athletes and anyone needing particularly complex problem-solving for health-related foot conditions, Andrew is recognised as one of the country’s leading podiatrists. Read more >

Megan Taylor – over 10 years as a podiatrist. For the careful and sensitive foot care needed by palliative and diabetic patients, Megan is truly outstanding. A highly skilled and experienced podiatrist, Megan brings a caring and responsive approach to her patients’ needs. Read more >

Alana Collins – Seeing the results of good foot care keeps Alana passionate about podiatry. For people with chronic health conditions such as diabetes or arthritis, Alana’s deep knowledge and specialist skills often mean the difference between an active life and one with difficulty functioning effectively. Read more >

Amy Booth – During her 12 years practising Podiatry Amy originally worked in the Bay of Plenty before settling in Hamilton and working across the Waikato. During this time, Amy has worked in all areas of podiatry treating a wide range of problems including high risk diabetic patients through to recreational athletes and elite athletes through the NZ Academy of Sports. Read more >

Donald Lemieux – Don is a Registered Podiatrist having graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2015. Originally from the United States, and of Native American descent, Don has enjoyed living in the small town of Te Kuiti with his wife Anne, who is of Ngati Maniapoto descent, for the past 15 years. Read more >

Waikato Podiatry also has a strong support team backing the podiatrists and keeping the practice running smoothly for ultimate patient care.

Andrew Winning – Andy is a long time Orthotist with over 40 years in the industry including leather work, sole manufacture, footwear modifications and construction. He has worked in a number of hospitals in Gisborne, Hamilton and Wellington, as well as the Lower Limb Centre in Sydney. Read more >

Sue Townley (Reception) – Sue has lived in New Zealand for 27 years and loves to travel, read, swim and spend summer days at the beach. She also loves to spend time with her family, especially, her young grandson.

Margaret (Reception) – Marg has been in Hamilton since 1996, having previously lived in Christchurch after emigrating to NZ from Scotland (born in St Andrew’s but she can’t play golf!) when she was 7. Marg gets great satisfaction from delivering customer service, readily gaining the rapport of customers through her friendly disposition and gets particular enjoyment from giving helpful advice when asked or if she senses the need. Prior to joining the team at Waikato Podiatry as Receptionist in 2016, Marg worked in clothing retail and managed a Chartwell women’s clothing store for five years. She is a trained sewing machinist, a fact which is not lost on her family as they often request clothing repairs and alterations be made for them. Marg particularly enjoys knitting as well as swimming and keeping fit at the local gym.

Why we love podiatry

Underpinning everything Waikato Podiatry does is a strong belief that everyone should be able to enjoy a physically active life and all the benefits this brings. Regardless of whether you are an elite athlete, a keen weekend outdoors person, or whether your livelihood depends on you being on your feet, podiatry has an important role in enabling your great achievements. But it is almost inevitable that, at some points in your life, your feet will be injured or will become stressed and painful from years of dedicated service. When that happens, Waikato Podiatry will look forward to helping identify and resolve the problems fast and effectively.

Feet are one of the most complex structures in our bodies, with 26 bones (that’s 52 in both feet!), 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and tendons. That means there’s a lot that can go wrong and, when it does, a highly skilled podiatrist who takes the time to understand how you use your feet, is a great partner in helping you get back on your feet. Waikato Podiatry’s team is constantly learning as medical knowledge increases and is committed to best practice in every aspect of clinic life.

Our goal is for your feet to be happy and fully fit. When we help you achieve that we’re confident you will go further, and that will make us happy too.

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