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Whether it's an ankle problem, a sporting injury, toenail concerns, foot pain, painful lumps and bumps or arthritis that is stopping you in your tracks. It's our job, here at Waikato Podiatry, to do everything we can to get you pain or trouble free and back doing the things you love.

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Sports Podiatry

Whether you’re a professional athlete, competitive amateur, or a keen weekend warrior, trouble free feet and legs are undoubtedly vital to your performance.

As the only Waikato podiatry clinic accredited to High Performance Sport NZ, we have all the clinical skills and assessment technology we need to give you an accurate diagnosis and deliver a treatment plan that will have you back performing or just enjoying the great outdoors as quickly as possible.

podiatrist Andrew Jones with a keen cyclist and his bike
Podiatrist Andrew Jones helping netballer Laura Langman

Computerised video gait analysis iallows us to closely study your foot and leg function. But if the problem is only happening while you’re wearing your specialist shoes – rugby or soccer boots, racing spikes, golf shoes, etc – we make sure our analysis is done in a realistic setting.

The result should be high performance feet, so all your training produces the best result possible.

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Heel Pain

Your heel can be required to carry up to 3 times your body weight each time it makes contact with the ground. If you do the maths it's no wonder that this very small piece of your body can very easily be injured. This is why heel pain is very common.
Many people just put up with it but we want you to know that most causes of heel pain and there are a lot, ARE TREATABLE - we can help you. This is not a permanent condition.

As with most conditions getting the correct diagnosis in the first place is so important and with 51 different causes of heel pain, this is especially important with suspected plantar fasciitis.

The sooner you get a correct diagnosis and treatment starts, the sooner you will be pain free.

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Musculoskeletal & Joint Problems

Everyday life puts stresses and strains on our joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons, often without us realising.

These stresses and strains can be magnified if your body alignment is not good, or there are imbalances with strength or flexibility.

If left uncorrected this is when symptoms will start to occur. Pain is the body's way of telling us there is a problem.

Pain is a warning sign.
You need to do something about it.

You need a plan and we've got our tried and tested 5 step process that works with your unique situation to give you a unique solution to get you moving pain free again.

Different problems occur at different stages of life and between us we've seen and treated most of them before. So start on the road to recovery take the first step and book your assessment appointment with us.

Podiatrist Andrew Jones explaining biomechanics


Arthritis in the foot and leg is an extremely common cause of pain, discomfort and immobility as we age. So if you are suffering you are not alone. The pain may feel like a permanent condition but there are things we can do to help reduce the impact and keep you moving.

By changing the loading of a joint we alter the forces and therefore the pain levels that you experience. Orthotics and appropriate footwear are vital tools in managing arthritic conditions.

So if you think you are developing arthritis don't suffer unnecessarily. Book your assessment appointment now and let us help you.

Man climbing stairs suffering knee pain

Active Kids' Feet

Youngsters usually experience sore feet at different stages of their development and it’s important to take their foot pain seriously. Taking early action to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan will help them stay physically active so they enjoy burning off that energy!

The most common problem we see in children is an irritation of the growth plate in the heel. This can be caused by trauma, a high volume of activity, or poorly fitting shoes. Whatever the cause, we can help.

Andrew Jones, Podiatrist adjusting a child's footwear

Problem Toe Nails

Toenail problems affect hundreds of people from most walks of life in our area every day. There are many causes each requiring individual treatment. They are not something to be embarrassed about or endured. We can help you with most cases of, ugly thick crumbly nails, acutely painful ingrowing nails, and bruised, bashed, and hanging off nails pretty easily.

So don't suffer in silence take control and get an assessment and diagnosis to put you on the road to a complete recovery.

An ingrown toenail

Skin Problems

The unique environment of footwear makes the presentation of skin related problems very common, but they are not always effectively diagnosed and treated.

Here at Wikato Podiatry we have a huge range of experience with these problems making us real experts at resolving these kinds of problems.

So if you are struggling with verrucas, corns, hard skin, heel cracks or athletes foot take the first step and book your assessment appointment today to start the road to recovery.

Athlete's foot

Foot & Leg Pain

Many people suffer with sporadic foot and leg pain which is often worse with movement or activity and reduces with rest.
It can be really stubborn to resolve which is so frustrating when you're in pain. You might even have some really good days but then it flares up agin and feels as bad as ever.

Many people feel they need to soldier on to keep working and living life but you can end up causing way more problems if this is ignored.

We can help by giving you a clear diagnosis and a customised treatment plan specific to you and your needs.

So don't suffer in silence book your assessment appointment and let's get you on that road to recovery.

Athlete suffering with knee pain

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We recommend Gehwol products for a variety of foot and skin conditions.

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Proper fitting shoes are really essential to really comfortable feet.