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Can Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction Be Cured?

– Experiencing pain on the inside of your ankle that’s exacerbated by physical activity?                      – Struggling to stand up on the tiptoes of the affected foot because it feels too weak and painful?            – Swear…

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How To Stop Feet Aching At Work

Getting Achy feet and legs during a long shift and when you come home from work is often mistaken for a “normal” occurence. After all, it’s natural and almost inevitable that a long day on your feet will tire your legs and muscles out, causing them to ache, right? Actually…

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Causes of Plantar Heel Pain

Waikato Podiatry Clinic Hamilton Foot Assessment

Having Plantar Heel Pain greatly limits and interferes with the lives of many of the patients here at Waikato Podiatry. We often get asked what causes Heel Pain, and why some struggle on and off for several years with this issue. The key to offering long-term care relief from Plantar…

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Understanding and Treating Heel Pain: Insights from Andrew Jones at Waikato Podiatry Clinic

Heel pain can be a debilitating issue that affects your daily life and mobility. At Waikato Podiatry Clinic, we focus on identifying the root causes of your heel pain, which we refer to as “drivers.” Understanding these drivers is crucial for effective treatment and long-term relief. It is important to…

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Understanding Corns and Calluses: Why DIY Treatments Might be Risky

Corns and calluses may not be the most glamorous topics, but they affect more of us than we might realise. From athletes to the elderly, these thickened areas of skin can develop due to friction or pressure, often causing discomfort and pain. While it might be tempting to grab those…

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