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Plantar Plate Injuries

Plantar Plate

Plantar Plate Injuries fall under the category of forefoot pain problems, but they make up a significant percentage of forefoot problems so I have decided to discuss this condition exclusively. What Is the Plantar Plate? The plantar plate is a fibrous structure that has a cartilaginous plate that makes the…

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The Risks of Getting Your Nails Done

Getting your nails done

Getting your Nails Done Nail bars have significantly increased in their number and popularity in recent years. It is now commonplace to see them in shopping centres and on your local high street. Hygiene in nail bars is super important, as bacteria, fungi and viruses can be easily transferred from…

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Warts – Let Us Help You!


Oral Zinc for Treatment of Warts Plantar warts are always a challenge for a clinician, and recently, taking zinc orally has been suggested as an adjunct whilst undergoing wart treatment. The first study on the effectiveness of oral zinc was published in 2002, in the British Journal of Dermatology (BJD).…

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Creaky Knees and Running – Mythbusters!

creaky knees

All right, so today what we’re going to talk about is creaky knees, knee arthritis and running. There’s a lot of talk out there that running will give you arthritis in your knees and is bad for your knees. One of the recent publications in the British Journal of Sports…

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Fungal Foot Infections – The Ongoing Battle

Fungal Foot Infection

Fungal Foot Infections are Common: Fungal foot infections are one of the most common reasons for patients coming into the clinic. Tinea Pedis is the most common fungal foot infection, and there are currently many topical applications that are suitable to treat this, like clotrimazole, miconazole and terbinafine. However, there…

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