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Covid-19 Info as of 6 December 2021

Andrew Jones in PPE

As a health service, Waikato Podiatry Clinic is now open in all levels of the traffic light system. We do not require a vaccine certificate from patients in order to give treatment. In the interest of the safety for all of our patients and our staff, we are well-prepared to…

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Appropriate Footwear: 4 Features to Focus on

Inappropriate Footwear slippers

Appropriate Footwear¬† Why the right footwear is one of the most important decisions for your health and independence¬† Our risk of falling during normal daily life significantly increases as we age. Approximately 30-40% of elderly individuals fall each year – with 5-15% of these falls resulting in serious injury. Such…

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Lockdown Shin Pain

https://youtu.be/uNNLIXl-EB8 Hi, everybody, I hope the lockdown has been going well for you, or as well as it can go. We’ve got a phenomenon that we’re going to call “lockdown shin”, or “COVID shin”. A lot of people have been doing a lot more walking since being in lockdown and…

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Glidesride Review

Okay, so what I’m going to talk about today is a wear test that I did on this Glide Ride 2, an Asics shoe. As you can see, it’s got quite an accentuated rocker in through the forefoot. It’s probably one of the more aggressive forefoot rockers that I have…

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Forefoot Changes

My name is Amy and I’m a podiatrist at Waikato Podiatry Clinic. You may have noticed this doesn’t look like a podiatry clinic today because we’re in lockdown level four. But rest assured podiatrists are still talking feet. Today I thought I’d do a little video on forefoot anomalies. We…

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