We are Waging a War on Waikato Stubborn Verrucae

We are Waging a War on Waikato Stubborn Verrucae

Graphic of foot pain caused by a verruca

Verrucae can be very stubborn!

If you or someone you know has been struggling with a verruca for way too long, we want you to know this is not unusual. We commonly see adults with verrucae they've had for 5 - 10 years.

Verrucae are the pain of people’s lives, quite literally!

They are a painful and ugly viral infection. Verrucae cause embarrassment and worst of all they are very difficult to treat. We know this because we see the same story play out hundreds of times every year here at Waikato Podiatry.

verruca in leg

What is a Verruca?

Caused by a viral infection in your skin, they are covered in thick, rough hard skin, making walking painful. They catch on socks and tights and more worryingly, they spread - both on your own feet and to the people around you.

Having these big ugly lumps on your feet is not only painful but it’s worrying and embarrassing too. We talk to too many people whose lives are being restricted by their verrucae - not wanting to go to the beach with family, to the spa with friends or even to just wear sandals during the summer months.

Our lives should not be impacted in such a negative way by something so microscopic!

The outward appearance of a verruca is the result of having a microscopic virus in your skin, the human papillomavirus or HPV.

We know that stubborn verrucae cause misery to individuals or families being impacted negatively by a tiny treatable virus.

Because of verrucae we see parents worrying about children at swim or martial arts clubs, people not exercising because of the pain, or not enjoying time with friends because of the embarrassment. We also know that many people feel like they have tried everything to get rid of their verrucae – they can be very, very stubborn!


Declaring War

For years we have been treating verrucae with topical acids and surgical removal. These treatments are invasive and chronically painful. They're also very restrictive because of the need to keep the area dry and to change dressings.

We've seen some great results for our patients but we’ve also found that some verrucae are resistant to almost everything we throw at them.

Time for something new...

So here at Waikato Podiatry we are waging a new war against the stubborn verruca virus

We want to make sure that fewer people in the Waikato are suffering unnecessarily.

We are doing this by investing thousands of dollars in some new technology that in the hands of skilled podiatrists, has been getting great results for long term verruca sufferers across Europe for the last few years.

We want to introduce you to Swift - a technology that uses microwave heat treatment to get patients more complete resolutions without the frequent weekly return visits and dressings.

Swift Microwave Therapy for the treatment of Verrucas
Swift Microwave Verruca Treatment graphic - No dressings
Swift Microwave Verruca Treatment graphic - No anaesthetic
Swift Microwave Verruca Treatment graphic - Treatment in seconds

This is our simple “War on Verrucae” process


We assess your verruca
because it might not be a verruca!


Together we agree a treatment package


You get your Swift treatments
usually 3 to 5 treatments, 4 weeks apart


We measure your progress


You receive additional treatment if required


4 to 6 months after your final treatment
you're hopefully verruca free*

* The treatment might be called Swift but it still takes time to get results as it's working with the body's immune system. With Swift the results tend to be more complete and long lasting compared to other verruca treatments. Everyone’s reaction to viruses and Swift treatment is different, so there are no guaranteed results.

Swift Microwave Therapy FAQs

The swift treatment has a very high success rate of around 85%. This is the highest success rate of any of the readily available treatments in New Zealand.

Since 2015 internationally.

It is uncomfortable for a few seconds, but then the pain is over and you can walk out pain free.

No, not at all. You can return to normal life.

10-20 minutes maximum.

Yes, absolutely. There is a growing body of work along with several studies based in New Zealand and overseas that indicate very good results with Swift.

No, dressings are not needed. Just return to normal life.

No, there is no cutting involved and no injections are required.

The initial treatment will take half an hour and cost $250. Successive treatments are $200. This covers the cost of investment in the machine and the disposable tips for each treatment as well as staff training and appointment time.

No, not at all. Swift works by stimulation of the body's targeted immune response which means that total clearance of all lesions is usually possible, even if they are not directly treated.

So if you’re fed up with living with the pain and embarrassment of verrucae, or you think you’ve tried everything then please don’t give up hope.

Join our War on Verrucae by booking your assessment appointment now.

The longer you put it off, the longer you’ll be living with the discomfort and embarrassment of verrucae, and the possibility of them spreading or infecting your close family or friends.

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