Why Do I Keep Rolling My Ankle?

Chronic Ankle Instability (Sprains)

Ankle Sprains are one of the most common sprained injuries in sports.


Repeatedly spraining your ankle after the final Initial episode are known as chronic ankle instability. This can be a complication of an ankle sprain that;


·         Has not been managed well.

·         Was not properly rehabilitated.

·         Return to exercise or sport before it is ready.

·         30% of people with an ankle sprain will go on to develop changes instability.


Ankle Sprains cost 6 billion a year in the USA health system.

Chronic instability is defined as having chronic instability within 6 months of the initial incident.


Some Sports have more ankle sprains, such as:

·         Football – Higher developing chronic instability (61%)

·         Netball

·         Basketball

·         Volleyball


Complication of Chronic Ankle Instability can include ankle Osteoarthritis, Knee issues and Recurrent and delaying the return to sport.


What do I do about it?

A proper thorough assessment, diagnosis and starting a treatment plan are all integrated parts of the rehabilitation programme. Depending on the level of damage and structures injured will impact the level of ongoing problems and instability and the amount of rehabilitation required.



Proper Rehabilitation of strength and balance is really important. Only 10% of people do balance work following an ankle sprain. This increases the risk of re injury. Wobble board and balance exercises with closed eyes are really important.



We can help you with a guided process to prevent future sprains and identify factors that may be contributing to your instability. Footwear. Muscle Strength, Balance, Movement patterns are all important.

Chronic ankle instability

An objective assessment of muscle strength will give you a good start point for your rehabilitation. Get in touch with us to organise this.

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