Stability is Mobility: How to Prevent Falls

Are you prone to falls? There might be something you can do! The secret lies in increasing your mobility in two major places. 

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Where to Increase your mobility?

- When it comes to falls the key points for prevention are the mobility in the ankles and knees. These parts of the body have such a huge impact on the way we stand and the way we catch ourselves when we fall but caring for our ankles and knees can often be overlooked.


How does mobility in the Ankles and Knees help in every day life?

- When it comes to our ankles, good mobility is being able to stretch your foot towards and away from the shins. These movements are called Dorsiflexion and Plantarflexion. Being able to create good Dorsiflexion and Plantarflexion stretches relieves the knees, hips and lower back from having to take on more strain in a situaton where you find yourself trying not to fall.


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While the Ankle is important to catching yourself from a fall, the knee is even more vital. The knee is consistantly used in every day life, it is the body's largest joint and is involved in the majority of your daily movements. A lack of mobility in the knee can cause stiffness and pain in the knee as well as similar symptoms occuring in the hips and lower back. By showing a bit of love to one of your hardest working joints, you could save yourself from a bit of pain down the line.


How can you increase mobility in your Ankles and Knees?

Increasing mobility relies on working on the flexibility of the ankles and knees. For our Ankles, this mean practicing Dorslifexion and Plantarflexion stretches to increase mobility in our muscles like the tibialis anterior and the plantaris. Then when it comes to the knees the focus should be on stretching the front and back thigh muscles, the quadriceps and hamstrings, and the inner and outer thigh muscles, the adductors and abductors.

If you are at an age where the risk of falling is increased or have a history of being fall prone, remember that mobility is stability! When working on the muscles that make the useful movements in the ankles and knees, stability increases because the ability to move to prevent falls increases.


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