Tendon & Ligament Problems

A ligament joins bone to bone. Ligament injuries frequently occur through the foot and ankle, the most common being ligament tears through the front part of the ankle as a consequence of a nasty ankle sprain. After ligaments have been sprained they seldom return to their original length and result in ‘laxity’ in through that part of the ankle, which needs to be rehabilitated appropriately.

Foot posture and foot placement predispose individuals to recurrent calf sprains, which increase the load on already stressed ligaments. Remember things work best when they are in the right place.

Tendon tear problems, sprains and strains of the foot occur in a number of different regions through the foot and ankle. Achilles tendon injuries are probably the most common of these, but peroneal tendon strains and sprains can also be quite common. Accurate diagnosis is essential.

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