Heel Pain Is Not Created Equal

When a Patient says they have sore heels it’s important for them to understand not all Heel Pain is created equal. Heel pain is not a singular problem, and it doesn’t just affect one area of the heel.

A Patient presenting with Heel Pain could be experiencing pain directly under the heel, along the sides of the heel, in the fatty pad, or it may be at the back of the heel, where the Achilles Tendon attaches. 

Each pain site is a different problem and therefore needs to be approached differently. 


  • When does the pain occur?

Is the pain worse getting out of bed in the morning or after prolonged sitting? Does it hurt playing sport or is it only a problem when you're standing for a prolonged period of time at work?

Footwear can play a major role in causing, or preventing heel pain, so it is important for your Podiatrist to know the type of footwear you're wearing at home, work and when you're playing sport. 

Therefore, always bring your footwear to your Podiatry Initial Appointment. 


  • How long has it been Painful? 

You cannot expect your Heel Pain to be eliminated within a week, especially if you have had the problem for six to to twelve months, or maybe even longer. 

The older the injury, and depending on the cause and the location, there's a chance some scar tissue could be present, which is compromising the injured area. 

This is why seeing a Podiatrist at Waikato Podiatry Clinic is important, because all our Podiatrists do additional training in various Heel Pain Therapies.


  • Initial Assessment & Treatment 

At Waikato Podiatry Clinic we will never start a treatment plan until we have done a full and detailed assessment of the injured area first, and then, initial treatment usually involves temporary padding and strapping, which is worn for two to three days. 

Most patients report a reduction in pain of approximately 50%, but of course results may vary from person to person. Some patients have a far greater result, while others may be less, but this is rare.

A positive result helps confirm our diagnosis and assists in tailoring a long term treatment plan, specifically suited to the type of heel pain you present with. 


  • Treatment Options 

Because Heel Pain is not created equal, treatment options also vary. Some people do need to have custom made arch supports and orthotics, because their foot-type is the underlying cause, however other patients may get more relief and benefit from Shockwave Therapy, Foot Mobilisation, or a combination of treatment  modalities.

Regardless of the treatment plan, all patents will be given a list of instructions to follow at home to speed up recovery.



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