What is Hiker’s Wool?

Hiker’s Wool: An Explanation

When you first come out of Podiatry school, you feel like you are cutting edge, and have all the answers on how you are going to help people (at least i did). Lambs wool seems like an outdated, useless solution, and something you would never consider using in these modern times..

However, 20 years later, that is exactly what I am using, and it works really well.

Nature has spent thousands of years perfecting its materials for protection and effectiveness. I recently did the Milford Track, and one of the ladies on that trip was having some problems, and had Hikers Wool, but did not know how to use it.

Hikers Wool is made from 100% pure New Zealand’s lambswool – it is beautifully soft, lanolin rich, washed and intricately carded to provide a soft cushioning effect for your feet. The wonderful quality of the wool absorbs moisture and prevents rubbing and irritation from friction and compression (chafing).It is easily moulded around toes and feet.

How do I use Hikers Wool?

I use it with patients who have rheumatoid arthritis, who have chilblains, or who have corns between their toes and other pressure areas. What can happen is two toes rub together, which can cause pressure and pain particularly if they are in a boot.

The Hikers Wool helps to decompress that and because it is nice and soft and moulds around the painful area, and it helps reduce that impingement.

How to use it depends on which toes are affected. For example, if it was the little toe, I would get the carded section of wool, and pull out as much as I needed. Then gently wrap it around the toe, making sure you don’t do it too tight. I normally only wrap it round a couple of times, and sometimes use the adjacent toe to help with security.

What you will find is that the wool sort of mats up, and almost makes a little sleeve for your toes. Or you can apply a fresh dressing every day – it is really up to you.

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