What Are The Best Footwear For Sore Heels?

Everyday items can hold more importance than one would think. Shoes, for instance, are an instrumental part of healing from conditions like Plantar Fasciitis. However a shoe that doesn’t support or protect the foot, like walking barefoot, has the opposite effect and can cause or irritate the condition. This poses a big question:

What to look for in a shoe

What does a Plantar Fasciitis patient look for when buying shoes? Or how can someone prevent Plantar Fasciitis with their shoes?

If the condition is in an unmanageable state without medical assistance, the podiatrist could recommend orthotics. In the case of
prevention, there are some characteristics to look out for when shoe shopping.

Good shoe diagram

Support and Cushioning

Shoes, while we walk, absorb the shock from the impact that comes from our feet hitting the ground. Because of this, our dream shoe should have some cushioning near the ball of our foot.

The sole of the shoe should be semi-pliable and shaped to support the arch of the foot, properly adjusting the ligament that causes Plantar Fasciitis. Another main point is the heel.
The heel should have support similar to the arch, being firm but flexible. As everyone’s feet are different there is no one shoe to support or fix Plantar Fasciitis in everyone.


Why are shoes important

When it comes to the healing process or prevention of certain foot related conditions, shoes are an important factor. They help support our feet in all the ways walking barefoot or our former shoes were lacking. This is why people on the mend will have to wear shoes both indoors and outdoors.

By having this constant support it can prevent the injury from lasting longer than usual or becoming chronic. Proper shoes can realign the knees, legs and hips which can be affected when the feet are in pain and not performing as they normally would. Selecting good shoes can augment our quality of life because an active, healthy life starts from our feet.

Our Youtube Channel has some useful videos in helping which footwear to select. Please see below; What to look for in a shoe.

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