BlistersA blister is a pocket of fluid under the skin. This fluid most frequently consists of plasma which is a serum within the blood made up of mostly water. However, in some instances, a blister can contain blood or even pus if an infection becomes present.

Blisters are almost always associated with friction especially when combined with moisture as well; therefore the feet are one of the most frequently blistered areas. Other causes may include burns, includingcontact with strong chemicals and/or contact with extremely hot or cold substances.


In the case of high pressure and weight bearing areas, blisters should be aspirated and cleaned with an antiseptic, and then dressed or offloaded by your podiatrist. At Waikato Podiatry, we can provide you with education on shoe fittings, footwear type, moisture balance, types of socks, as well as put in place a strategy to help minimise recurring blisters.

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