Simple Toe Dressing

Today what we’re going to do is we’re going to do just a normal dressing on a toe.

Toes can be quite tricky to dress and so there’s a couple of little techniques and things that we can do here to try to help make that a little bit easier.

Just to be sure that there’s no infection or there’s nothing that needs to be done to the area before you dress it, we’re assuming that all that’s been done as far as saline, or a bit of Betadine or anything put on the area. So what we tend to use is this Mepore, it’s got a nice wide non adhesive area on it. So we pull that to separate it. Remove the sticky pieces without putting your mitts all over the clean area.

Now the idea is that you don’t want to pull it round too tight. If you pull it round too tight, what you can do is you can actually pull part of the tissue over the nail and we don’t want that to happen. So that in itself is a very basic, easy sort of dressing of the toe.

However, what we tend to do is try to get this to stick and stay in place a little better, so we use this stuff called Mefix. And what we do is we do three or sorry, two little cuts to give you three little tags. You pull that like so and then what I do is just wrap it around the toe

like so and just fold those ends over. So there you’ve got a really nice, secure dressing on the toe that’s not going to come off and is relatively easy to do. So we have the first dressing which has the non adhesive strip and then we have a secondary dressing to hold everything in place which is the Mefix.

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