Sesamoiditis – How Can We Help?

Sesamoiditis is a common condition that causes pain in the ball of the foot, specifically under the big toe joint. The sesamoid bones are two small bones located under the big toe joint within 9 tendons that run to the end of the big toe. A sesamoid is greek for "Sesame Seed" and in this situation is a small independant bone. 

Due to their location, they are subjected to massive amounts of pressure every time the big toe is used to push you forward, especially with running.



Sesamoitis typically starts as a mild ache under the big toe joint and gradually becomes worse, resulting in sharp intermittent stabbing pain.

In some cases, it will cause intense throbbing pain even at rest. Once Sesamoiditis starts, it is difficuly to enjoy simple activities, even walking.

People with high arched or flat feet tend to be more prone to this problem, as well as those playing certain sports like rugby due to the position in scrumms and the firm boots.


After a full examination of your feet, legs and walking pattern, our Podiatrist will make a temporary support for your feet. This is done for two reasons. Firstly, to redirect the weight away from the pain site, and secondly to modify how your foot functions in relation to the ground.

Most patients experience a considerable reduction in pain within the first 48 hours. If the temporary support works as expected, our podiatrist will then discuss the process of having a permanent, customised foot support (orthotic) made.

Immobilisation, rest, ice and oral anti inflammatory medication are also beneficial for this condition; however, they work best when combines with customised orthotics.

Customised Orthotics


The purpose of having customised orthotics is to control abnormal foot movement, while allowing normal movement to occue, which in turn will reduce the liklihood of sesamoiditis returning.

Eliminating sesamoiditis means you can once again enjoy long walks and runs completely pain-free.

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