Live Stronger for Longer

What we’re going to talk about today is falls and the loss of confidence and the effect that having a fall can have on an elderly person. It might be your parents or your grandparents.

ACC has recognized that this is a real issue and there is a great organization that is set up throughout the Waikato, both in Hamilton and rurally. It’s an initiative that’s called “Live Stronger for Longer”.

It’s being done in partnership with ACC and it is run in Hamilton by a lady called Stephanie McLennan and her number is 027 419 0068. So Steph will run you through what the criteria are to be able to get onto this programme. Basically there’s three different parts of the programme.

One is strong stable and this is programmes that are run throughout the community at 40 different sites through Hamilton and they have a lead person that takes the programme. So they’re community based. There is an in house programme that is run from the post fracture clinic and there’s also a hospital fracture liaison person and a clinic that runs to help people that have had fractures and need ongoing support to get back to some degree of normality and gain their confidence again.

So it’s a really good initiative to make sure that you’re aware of. Again, that number is Stephanie McLennan, and 027 419 0068 and the name of the program is “Live Stronger for Longer”.

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