How to Treat and Prevent Heel Cracks

After a long hot summer, it’s the perfect time to discuss a common foot woe: heel cracks. These pesky cracks can be not only painful but also lead to infections if left untreated. Let’s explore why they occur and what you can do to keep your heels smooth and crack-free this season.

Why Heel Cracks Happen

You might have noticed these cracks appearing onHow to Treat and Prevent Heel Cracks your heels, especially when the weather warms up. But why do they happen? The main culprit is moisture retention. When our feet are confined in shoes, they hold onto moisture, particularly around the heels. The skin on our heels is naturally thick, providing elasticity to handle the pressures we put on them. However, when this skin becomes dehydrated, it loses its flexibility and begins to split, leading to painful heel cracks.

Prevention is Key

The good news is that there are steps you can take to prevent and manage heel cracks. One of the most effective methods is the regular application of a heel balm. This isn’t just a suggestion – it’s crucial to apply it daily. Heel balms typically contain a higher concentration of urea and are designed to be thick and targeted for the heel area. By consistently using a heel balm, you can help maintain the moisture and elasticity of your heel skin, reducing the likelihood of cracks.

How to Treat and Prevent Heel Cracks

Managing Severe Cracks

How to Treat and Prevent Heel Cracks If your heel cracks have already become quite painful or severe, it may be time for a “reset.” This involves having them debrided and trimmed by a podiatrist. Following this, it’s essential to be diligent with your creaming routine. Applying the heel balm frequently and wearing closed shoes for a period can help the heels settle down and heal.



Footwear Tips

You don’t have to sacrifice your footwear to avoid heel cracks. Even with open shoes, you can use ones with a heel cap to provide some extra support and protection for your heels. This allows you to enjoy the sunshine without putting your heels at risk.


As we embrace the joys of warmer weather, let’s not forget the importance of foot care, especially when it comes to heel cracks. Remember, prevention is key. Regularly applying a heel balm can go a long way in keeping your heels smooth and pain-free. And if cracks do develop, don’t hesitate to seek professional care to get them back on track. Here’s to a summer filled with happy, healthy feet!

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