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Orthotics + Correct Shoe Fit = Exercise Ability + Weight Loss
We receive a lot of information about eating healthily and exercising to achieve sustainable weight loss and good health, but what if your exercise ability is hindered because of hip, knee, ankle and/or foot problems?

It is often assumed that when you lose weight, the hip, knee, ankle and foot problems will reduce or even disappear.

This may well be true in some circumstances, however a great deal of pain and distress is endured during the journey to wellness if problems are not dealt with to begin with and many individuals simply give up because of the discomfort.

Read on to find out how customised orthotics and correctly fitted shoes enabled Sandra Jennings to turn her exercise routine around from being a painful endurance to becoming an enjoyable experience leading to fantastic personal achievements and substantial weight loss.

Sandra Jennings before and after becoming a personal trainerIn October 2010 I weighed in at a hefty 118kg! Today I weigh 72 kg. How did I do that?

Sheer determination, will power and exercise. I started out walking but found I had quite a few foot problems so a friend recommended I see Andrew at The Waikato Podiatry Clinic.

Andrew sorted me out with some orthotics and a recommendation for the correct shoe and now I’m a runner. I have completed 7 half marathons and various other events but I always make sure I see Andrew as soon as I get any knee or foot niggles.

I am now a Personal Trainer and I always recommend my clients see a podiatrist before undertaking any running/fitness programme. It is amazing how many injuries or niggles are simply related to our feet not being properly supported or bad footwear.

Don’t give up, the road is tough but well worth the fight.

– Sandra Jennings

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