Diafactory Kit

Andrew here from Waikato Podiatry Clinic.

If I had to think back on 20 years of podiatry and think about one of the most significant advances in podiatry, it would have to be probably this diafactory kit here.

Diafactory Kit

So this diafactory kit is an in clinic sample test that we’re able to run to diagnose in five minutes a dermatophytic fungal nail infection. So gone are the days of needing to go off to the lab and have a specific test done, we can now do them in clinic and they have a 97% specificity. So they are very reliable and effective.

One of the other things that we know about fungal nail infections and fungal foot infections is that they have a very, very high rate of recurrence. And that is why we tend to see fungal nail solutions and fungal creams advertised on television because the rate of re-infection is so high and often it’s a bit of a management sort of process.

So we’ll share with you in one of the next videos about some different things that you can do to try and prevent reinfection which is a big issue.

Suffering from Fungal Nail Infection?

Are you are feeling like you have tried everything but are still suffering from your fungal nail infection?
Do you feel like you have seen every health practitioner you can about your fungal nail infection with no results?
We have a track record of diagnosing and successfully treating cases that have previously proven difficult to resolve and we’d love to help you get the problem sorted. Your podiatrist may suggest doing a diafactory test to confirm the diagnosis, and you are also welcome to request this.

Call us or drop us an e-mail & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your fungal nail infection and some possible solutions. You can also book an appointment online.

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