Customised Orthotics

Everything works best when its in the right place

This includes the bones and alignment of our feet.
Let our experienced podiatrists diagnose and prescribe specifically for you.

Examples of customised orthotics available at Waikato PodiatryWhat is an orthotic device?

Technically speaking an orthotic device can be defined as:

“An appliance used to support, align, prevent or correct deformities or to improve function of movable parts of the body.”“Ortho” means “straight, normal or correct”

When podiatrists refer to an orthotic they actually mean a “Foot-orthoses”. There are literally 100’s of different kinds and types available. A foot print is much like a fingerprint in that it has unique properties to each individual. This should be reflected in the orthotic design and prescription. I am a strong believer that not everyone always needs an orthotic!! Correct shoe selection is very important.

We make most of our own orthotics on site which means no middle man or guessing for interpretation as to what is required to customise the orthotic. Ultimately, this means a better fit to the individual foot – every time.

A full history, biomechanical assessment and gait analysis should be carried out prior to orthotic fitting.

I have seen on several occasions that “over the counter” unmodified orthotics have been purchased from a shop, fitted incorrectly and actually contribute to the person’s problems – beware of self diagnosis and treatment.

The benefits of customised, properly fitted orthotics are huge!

Because the forces going through the feet are very high (2-5 times bodyweight) small differences make big changes to the effectiveness of the orthotic. It is very important that a thorough assessment, gait analysis and biomechanical examination is completed prior to orthotics being fitted, (if required). Andrew recognised early in his career that there was an enormous potential to improve and develop the production of customised orthotics and has acted on this knowledge.

The innovative brand, Foot Function Orthotics, aims to integrate modern theories and technologies into everyday foot care. Andrew has been instrumental in establishing the new brand – Foot Function Orthotics. The orthotics have been designed to effectively guide the foot, provide functional support and improve the overall function of the foot during the gait cycle.

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