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Just as in the case of the leaning tower of Pisa, providing a good foundation is critical for good human posture. Orthotics are often an important part of that foundation. As the human posture stems from the ground up, it makes good sense to provide our feet with the best fit in footwear for stability, comfort and performance. We can recommend footwear specific to your requirements or adapt your existing footwear to provide the stability and support you need.

In some cases sports people find it necessary to have their footwear fitted with orthotic support to aid the feet and legs to achieve pain free activity under strenuous training conditions.

Movement is Medicine

Now, more than ever, it is extremely important for us all to maintain some form of physical activity in our daily lives. Twenty minutes of walking a day can be enough to help ward off the effects of diabetes and cardiovascular disease – both of these things are on the increase in our society today. Podiatry is central to allowing us to enjoy these activities.


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