Back of Ankle

Tendons around the ankle can be problematic

Tendon problems, sprains and strains of the foot occur in a number of different regions through the foot and ankle. Achilles tendon injuries are probably the most common of these.
Essentially the ankle and associated joints act as a pivot point around which the peroneal tendons on the outside and the posterior tibial tendon on the inside balance and support the foot.

TendonopathyThe peroneal tendons run down the outside of the ankle and help stabilise the foot against ankle sprains and adapting to uneven ground. Strains and sprains can also be quite common in this region with a foot that is not aligned correctly usually as a result bone shape. The peroneal runs down through the outside and around the bottom of the ankle and is an important stabiliser to the foot.

Pronated feetAlso the posterior tibial tendon stabilizes the opposite side of the foot to the peroneal tendons and helps raise the inside section of the foot and leg. This is a more commonly affected tendon and can result in a progressive flattening of the foot and arch. This problem is known as postertior tibial dysfunction.

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