Ankle Instability (loose or weak ankles)

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This can occur if the strength of the stabilising structure around the ankle is not good. This will often lead to frequent ankle sprains. Ligament injuries also frequently occur in through the foot and ankle, the most common being ligament tears in through the front part of the ankle, as a consequence of a nasty ankle sprain. This produces a sloppy unstable joint, which needs to be strengthened and supported appropriately. This is where we can help you.


Certain foot types will be more prone to certain injuries so balancing the foot can help improve ongoing function, reduce pain and improve stability. Getting you back to doing what you love again. Foot posture and balance may predispose individuals to recurrent calf sprains, which will increase the load on already compromised ligaments. Therefore it is essential to have these areas balanced out adequately to prevent ongoing pain and dysfunction in this area.

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