Are You Experiencing Knee Pain?

Are you Experiencing Knee Pain? 

Knee Pain

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) is the most common cause of knee pain that affects the front of the knee joint. Pain often presents around the front of the knee and may feel as if it is coming from the centre of the knee or right "under the knee cap". There is often a clicking and clunking coming from within the knee. Discomfort is increased when going up or down stairs, running (especially downhill) and sitting for prolonged periods with knees bent. Training errors, muscle dysfunction, lower extremity malalignment, poor footwear and trauma are contributing causes.

We need to assess you and work out the Important areas to work on to get you back running.


Fortunately there is approximately an 85% chance that non-surgical treatment will be able to rehabilitate this problem. Because of the large number of variables and contributing factors in this condition, podiatrists often work in conjunction with sports doctors and physiotherapists in the treatment program. Things work best when they are in the right place and we can help achieve this with orthotic supports and footwear advice after a careful diagnosis and examination.

It is Important to remember a Holistic approach is often the best. We are able to assess the entire lower limb with our 44 point comprehensive assessment.

This includes muscle strength and function as well as joint range of motion and limb alignment.

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