Are you a women suffering from Heel Pain?

I'm sure this comes as no suprise. Women are different from men, and even though this is just a generalisation, men usually wear more comfortable and practical footwear in the workplace.

Women, unfortunately, especially in some professions, are still pressured to wear inappropriate and sometimes very uncomfortable footwear. 


I know some women wear more fashionable shoes by choice, so merely telling a woman she needs to get rid of her court of high-heeled shoes can be fraught with danger, therefore we, (meaning podiatrists), must think of multiple ways to treat women’s foot issues.


Treatment Options


Heel pain is still the most common foot problem seen by most podiatrists and orthotics are still the best way to treat heel pain, but they are not always practical, so at Waikato Podiatry Clinic we have developed other treatment therapies.


We will always talk about footwear on the initial consultation to test the waters and see if changing footwear is an option, especially if we think it’s a large part of the problem. If the patient is prepared to change their footwear, it opens up more treatment options.


It’s essential to find the underlying cause with heel pain, which is why all patients are taken through a proper foot and lower limb assessment. We always do this before starting any treatment plan.


As an overview, here are the various forms of treatment currently offered at Waikato Podiatry Clinic for Heel Pain:


Shockwave therapy: This works using percussion, and the goal is to stimulate the painful area back into a healing response.



Acupuncture & Dry Needling works by stimulating the deep tissue areas. Needles are placed in specific locations to give the best response.



Padding & strapping: We often use a few strapping techniques to reduce stress and strain on the heel.


Arch support: If your footwear offers no arch support, we can easily make permanent arch supports and glue them directly into your footwear, and it doesn’t matter how high the shoes are. Perfect for wedding shoes.


Other treatment options available are Kinesiology Tape, that’s the colourful tape you see on most athletes these days, Foot Mobilisation and Stretching Programs.


Stretching is still one of the best treatment options available, but it’s important to do stretching correctly. This is one of our specialities.


Heel pain is not going to disappear on its own, so the earlier you treat the problem, the better the long-term results.


If you have any questions, please call Waikato Podiatry Clinic on 07 838 0003 or send us a query via the link below.

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  1. Claire Rogers on April 25, 2023 at 7:53 pm

    My sister in law recommended Andrew Jones during my visit to New Zealand because at the time I was suffering from heel pain in my left foot.
    Every morning I was limping around for a least a good half hour then would slowly start to feel better. Some days were worse than others especially after the gyming or after a run.
    I have a dog which means I am constantly out walking during the days and that alone was becoming quite uncomfortable.
    Now after seeing Andrew at Waikato Podiatry my heel has improved out of sight, my heel is almost back to normal and I am back to doing most exercising including golf without the heel pain. Highly recommend the shock wave treatment and Andrew Jones you are the best. 👌 👍

    • Baylee Priest on April 27, 2023 at 1:22 pm

      Thank you Claire for the lovely feedback I really appreciate you taking the time.

      Its great you are doing so well .

      Claire you were always 100% engaged and committed to getting better and implementing all that we discussed ,so you were a model patient and an important part of your own success .

      I hope you enjoy the golf.

      Perhaps we will see you on your next visit,

      – Andrew Jones

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