Stirrup Strapping

Stirrup Strapping | Andrew Jones | Waikato Podiatry Clinic

Today what I’m going to talk to you about is a stirrup strap. It’s a really handy little strap that’s used to help stabilize digits and toes. Basically what we’re doing with it as we’re wrapping it around the top, bringing that around to the plantar surface underneath the foot and crossing them over like…

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Arch/Heel Pain Strapping

heel pain strapping

So we’ve been talking about plantar heel pain and one of the treatment modalities that we talked about was strapping. You can have some very gratifying effects of simple strapping for plantar heel pain or plantar fasciitis and we’re going to have a look now at a very simple type of strapping that you will…

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Appropriate Footwear: 4 Features to Focus on

Inappropriate Footwear slippers

Appropriate Footwear¬† Why the right footwear is one of the most important decisions for your health and independence¬† Our risk of falling during normal daily life significantly increases as we age. Approximately 30-40% of elderly individuals fall each year – with 5-15% of these falls resulting in serious injury. Such injuries are damaging to physical,…

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Lockdown Shin Pain

shin pain during lockdown Hi, everybody, I hope the lockdown has been going well for you, or as well as it can go. We’ve got a phenomenon that we’re going to call “lockdown shin”, or “COVID shin”. A lot of people have been doing a lot more walking since being in lockdown and we’ve had some reports of…

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Glidesride Review

glidesride review

Okay, so what I’m going to talk about today is a wear test that I did on this Glide Ride 2, an Asics shoe. As you can see, it’s got quite an accentuated rocker in through the forefoot. It’s probably one of the more aggressive forefoot rockers that I have run in or used. I’m…

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Children’s Heel Pain vs Screen Time

children heel pain vs screen time

Being a parent, I know how it feels to be constantly battling to keep your kids off screens. With young people, the idea of trying to keep them as active as possible, is really exciting for parents, and important for their general health, both physical and mental. So when they develop an injury, and they’re…

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Arch Pain

arch pain

  Today we’re going to talk about the arches of the foot. We often hear mainly about the medial longitudinal arch. This is traditionally what is referred to when people are talking about the arch of their foot. But what is less well known is that we actually have two other arches, we have this…

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Treating Plantar Fasciitis

treating plantar fasciitis

Plantar heel pain treatment options. There are a number of treatment options that you can use for plantar heel pain. As we’ve already touched on the main four are: education around the condition; doing stretches for first step pain; using radial shockwave therapy, or extra corporal shockwave therapy to help stimulate healing and the tissue;…

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Causes of Plantar Heel Pain

causes of plantar heel pain

With plantar heel pain syndrome, we know that about 10% of the population suffer from this condition. And we know that 70% of plantar heel pain is caused by this problem with the plantar fascia. So our rubber band here is very close to the location of the plantar fascia. When we stand down the…

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Plantar Fasciitis

plantar fasciitis

Plantar heel pain syndrome is a frequently diagnosed condition, around 10% of the population will suffer from it. We know that 70% of plantar heel pain is attributable to this condition known as plantar fasciitis. This is a representation of the plantar fascia here. We know that there are a number of different causes for…

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