Selection Of Shoe: 3 Important Things To Consider


The Selection of a Shoe I would like to talk to you today about how to select the right shoe for you. We often get asked which brands of shoe are best, and we always advise the main three features that we need to look for are fit, function and feel. 1. Fit Fit would…

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Morton’s Neuroma


What is Morton’s Neuroma? Today, I would like to talk about Morton’s Neuroma, which is a quite commonly heard of problem. The neuroma is a tumour within a nerve. A Morton’s Neuroma is actually a fibrous thickening that occurs in and through the nerves in the forefoot, and usually it is more to do with…

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Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD)

What is Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction? So, it is a bit a mouthful, but what actually is Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD)? Basically, there is a muscle high up on the inside of your leg called the Posterior Tibial muscle. This muscle attaches to a tendon, tendons attach muscles to bone, and then it comes…

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What to Look for in a Shoe

What To Look for In a Shoe

What to Look for in a Shoe What is the most important characteristic about a shoe or feature of a shoe that you need to look for when you’re purchasing a new pair of shoes? Is it the colour? Is it the style? Is it the type of material that it’s made of? Is the…

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World’s Best Gumboots

World's Best Gumboots

  World’s Best Gumboots Heading into winter from autumn in the Waikato, one of the most important types of footwear that we have are gumboots. Going into calving, it’s cold, it’s wet, you’re up to your knees in mud, you really need a good gumboot to make life a little bit easier. As the old…

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