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Your feet's best friends

Your feet’s best friends

Your feet and legs are the foundation for your active and busy life so when they start feeling the pressure, let’s give them the attention they need.
Waikato Podiatry loves feet. Our team is expert at restoring your painful problem feet into the strong foundations for your life they should be.
If you’re an athlete, a worker who spends too many hours on your feet, a child with fast-growing bones that need extra support, someone with health conditions that affect your feet, or if you have any kind of foot-related problems, we welcome your call. With happy feet you’ll go further!



When you need your feet to take you further,
we’re with you!

You're in safe hands

You’re in safe hands

PodiatryNZ logoWhen you’re choosing a podiatrist you need to be sure you’re in good hands. Waikato Podiatry is a top clinic.
Here’s why:

  • Andrew is the Waikato’s only podiatrist accredited to High Performance Sport NZ.
  • The clinic is a member of Podiatry NZ, the organisation responsible for ensuring high standards and training in the profession. Until recently Andrew was also a board member.
  • The team at Waikato Podiatry is experienced and qualified in all aspects of podiatry treatments.
  • The only podiatry clinic with a clinical orthotist on the team.

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Christine Is one of our more extreme patients !!!!#decaironman deca Ironman USA 38 km swim , 1800 km bike , 420km run #fastkiwi #athlete #strongwomen ... See MoreSee Less

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Friday Fun Fact about the human foot.
This grasping toe helped our predecessors climb trees and, when young, grip onto their mothers. Thanks to modern science, if you lose your thumb, you can now replace it with a toe: toe-to-thumb transplants are a surprisingly common procedure these days.
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Most women experience swelling in their feet during pregnancy. Because of water weight and other extra fluid, your feet can grow up to one full shoe size! In fact, some women's feet stay that size after their baby is born!! At Waikato Podiatry we can help care for your feet and nails during pregnancy and afterwards, particularly if you are back out walking or at the gym, you may find that the changes your feet encounter will require some additional support in your trainers. ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Waikato Podiatry Clinic

Happy Friday!!!!!
We had the lovely Lorriane pop into our Rototuna clinic yesterday to chose and collect her new shoes she won just by taking part in our customer feedback survey! Keep an eye out to see when we will be doing another giveaway 🙂
Have a GREAT weekend!
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FEET ARE ONE OF THE MOST TICKLISH PARTS OF THE BODY. There’s a good reason for that: Humans have nearly 8000 nerves in our feet and a large number of nerve endings near the skin. Having ticklish feet can be a good sign: reduced sensitivity can be an indicator of neuropathy. ... See MoreSee Less

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