Nyla Carroll

After being told by a surgeon that my running days were over, Andrew restored order to my world! Having run at Olympic level and being a former NZ record holder for distances from 3,000m to the half marathon, not being able to run was not what I wanted to hear.
I have degenerative and arthritic changes in my big toe and Andrew has fashioned orthotics which allow me to run again on a daily basis. Whilst I am no longer able to train at a high or hard level, I am now able to run without pain and have my love of running back. I know that I have to continue to ‘manage’ my foot and annual visits to Andrew to get my orthotics ‘tweaked’ allow me to do this.
Andrew is focused, professional and extremely caring in his approach – he listens to my concerns and answers with honesty and realism. He always goes the extra mile to ensure that things are not ‘just right’ but 110%.
Now living in New Plymouth, I consider travelling to see Andrew in Hamilton an essential factor in keeping me running for many years to come. Prior to working with Andrew I had not been able to run more than several months without being injured and had all but given up hope of ever really running again. I am now able to train consistently and focus on events to ‘complete’ rather than ‘compete’ in and have even been able to run several marathon and half marathons, taking out age-group titles.

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