Megan TaylorBHSc (hons) Podiatry; NZ Registered

For the careful and sensitive foot care needed by palliative and diabetic patients, Megan is truly outstanding. A highly skilled and experienced podiatrist, she brings a caring and responsive approach to her patients’ needs.

Anyone with a terminal or chronic health condition doesn’t need to add foot pain to their existing difficulties. Megan is usually able to offer immediate relief to discomfort and the ongoing care needed to prevent further problems.
During a 16 year OE in the UK Megan qualified in podiatry at Northampton University. When she returned to her Waikato home turf she joined Waikato Podiatry and has become a vital presence in the practice.
A keen outdoors person, Megan appreciates how far feet can take you when they’re happy. She regularly enjoys New Zealand’s great walking tracks and snow fields.
"The podiatry fields I enjoy include diabetes, palliative care and nail procedures but I particularly love being able to offer relieve to my patients’ discomfort – instantly in most cases – and the ongoing care to prevent further problems."

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