Andrew JonesBHSc (Podiatry), Bph Ed

The go-to podiatrist for elite athletes and anyone needing particularly clever problem-solving for health-related foot conditions, Andrew is recognised as one of the country’s leading podiatrists.

Diabetes, arthritis, children’s feet, complex injuries… there’s nothing he hasn’t seen or solved.
Andrew is the Waikato’s only podiatrist accredited to High Performance Sport NZ. He has been an active member of Sports Medicine NZ for over 15 years, has consulted on regional podiatry services and been a respected board member of Podiatry NZ. He established Waikato Podiatry in 2000.
After initially gaining a degree in Physical Education, Andrew’s interest in podiatry was sparked while running marathons and he went on to graduate in podiatry.
"I enjoy all aspects of podiatry but have a special interest in musculoskeletal and sports medicine, the diabetic and rheumatoid foot as well as nail surgery. I believe podiatry is a lot about the little things that make a big difference. Our great team at Waikato Podiatry looks forward to meeting and helping you."

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