Alana CollinsBHSc (Podiatry)

Seeing the results of good foot care keeps Alana passionate about podiatry. For people with chronic health conditions such as diabetes or arthritis, Alana’s deep knowledge and specialist skills often mean the difference between an active life and one with difficulty functioning effectively.

Chronic conditions can lead to many painful foot complications. Alana brings a sensitivity to her patients’ situations as well as providing helpful knowledge to enable people to best manage their foot care.
Alana is interested in all aspects of podiatry, particularly palliative care, nail surgery and treating those with chronic conditions.
"My goal as a clinician is to make you feel as comfortable as possible about a sometimes sensitive topic, to provide the utmost care and attention, to enhance your quality of life, and to provide knowledge to keep your feet in the best condition they can be."
As well as enjoying active outdoor recreations, Alana is a regular volunteer in community and conservation projects.

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