Specialist Sports Podiatry

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Here at Waikato Podiatry we specialise in sports care.

Laura Langman - NZ Netballer

© Photo by Michael Bradley
“Waikato podiatry has been a long time important member of my medical team, I recommend them to my team mates and to you.”
Laura Langman – NZ Netballer


Computerised Video Gait Analysis helps to pick up gait problems which may otherwise go unnoticed and cause injuries. Our technology can record your gait, slow the movements and, together with our expertise, help identify problem foot and leg function.

However, assessing gait in sports specific shoes including sprigged footwear, rugby and soccer boots as well as racing spikes, golf shoes etc cannot be achieved using the traditional gait analysis indoors or on a treadmill. Given the amount of time sports people actually spend wearing and playing in this footwear, there is little value in assessing running shoes and gait patterns if the problem occurs during a rugby game wearing rugby boots.

rugbygait4We are fully trained and experienced to deal with these specific situations – bring your sports footwear with you to your appointment and we will make an accurate assessment outdoors, on an appropriate surface. With the correct advice you can achieve pain free activity under strenuous training conditions.

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