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Waikato Podiatry CinicOur feet carry the weight of our busy lives so, no matter how fit and active we are, it’s likely our feet will protest occasionally.
We see every imaginable problem in our clinic, from cracked heels and skin infections to major skeletal problems. And we haven’t ever seen a problem we couldn’t relieve.
If you have foot or leg pain, the solution could be as simple as an orthotic to realign your posture.
Skin and nail problems are also common and can cause debilitating pain and dysfunction – but with proper care that should be temporary.
We are so confident we can solve your problems and show you how to prevent them recurring that we guarantee our treatments. It’s very satisfying how often people walk out of our clinic with the pain already gone!


If you’re a professional athlete or a keen weekend warrior, happy feet are undoubtedly vital to your performance. As the only Waikato podiatry clinic accredited to High Performance Sport NZ, we have all the skills and technologies needed for accurate diagnosis and problem solving.
Computerised video gait analysis is one useful tool, allowing us to closely study your foot and leg function. But if the problem is only happening while you’re wearing your specialist shoes – rugby or soccer boots, racing spikes, golf shoes, etc – we make sure our analysis is done in a realistic setting.
The result should be high performance feet, so all your training produces the best result possible.

Health issues

There are many health conditions that affect the wellbeing of our feet. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or a rheumatoid disease you’re particularly likely to have foot problems at some stage.
If necessary we can arrange x-rays or MRI scans to properly assess what’s happening with your joints or joint linings. The solution could include specialised orthotic devices, footwear modifications and/or specialised footwear. Surgery is a very last resort.
With good, regular care we can keep you on your feet and work with you to prevent problems like pressure points that cause skin breakdowns and ulcerations.


After years of dedicated service, it’s normal for feet to feel the strain as we age. At Waikato Podiatry our skilled team love taking care of your feet so you can continue your busy life without pain or problems.
You may simply need regular nail maintenance, or comfortable shoes from our specialist shoe suppliers. Wear and tear on the joints or soft tissue can cause a lot of pain that is almost always easily resolved.
If you have a medical condition that affects your foot health, we have all the skills and treatments necessary to keep you on your feet.
And if you are receiving palliative care, there’s no need for your feet to be ignored. One of our podiatrists can visit to provide nail care or any necessary treatment.


Youngsters usually experience sore feet at different stages of their development and it’s important to take their foot pain seriously. Taking early action to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan will help them stay physically active so they enjoy burning off that energy!
The most common problem we see in children is an irritation of the growth plate in the heel. This can be caused by trauma, a high volume of activity, or poorly fitting shoes. Whatever the cause, we can help.


We recommend Gehwol products for a variety of foot and skin conditions.

Dr Comfort

Proper fitting shoes are really essential to really comfortable feet.

Foot Function Orthotics

Foot Function Orthotics, developed in house for a superior fit.

Kiwi Instruments

Podiatry instruments for practitioners.

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