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Do you suffer from aching along the inside border of the shin?

Is the pain sharpest with activity but generally resolves with rest?

If you answered YES to the questions above, this article’s for you!!!

Hockey is an enjoyable, yet intense game requiring quick action with loads of sudden stops and starts. When these sudden stresses are put on the body repeatedly, injury can occur.

As a hockey coach, I am on the front line, dealing with hockey injuries on a regular basis. One of the most common injuries among hockey players is medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), also known as a cause of shin splints.

MTSS is due to mechanical overload causing muscle fatigue and, ultimately, trauma where the muscle attaches to the shin bone. The resulting inflammation is the source of your pain.

The most important aspect for any overuse injury is to avoid the source of overuse. If the source of overuse is not removed, the problem will worsen, leading to further complications and more time out of the game.

At Waikato Podiatry Clinic, we complete thorough and comprehensive biomechanical assessments to help understand the source of your overuse. We then  tailor a peronalised treatment plan that’s just right for you.

Don’t delay… talk to Cam at Waikato Podiatry Clinic today to arrange your speedy and pain free return to hockey.

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